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Светло-коричневые кожаные ботинки челси - Коричневый Aldo 9105366

4 999 руб.
7 307 руб.
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Boots by Aldo, Полированная кожа, Эластичные вставки, Узкий носок, Вспомогательная петля на заднике, Протирать влажной тканевой салфеткой, Верх: 100% натуральная кожа. ОБ ALDO Aldo Bensadoun established his first namesake store in Montreal, Canada in 1972 with global expansion quickly following. A footwear brand with a conscience, Aldo have been supporting and working with charities and communities for 25 years. Always adapting to suit the fast changing desires of the customer, the brand research worldwide trends to ensure they always offer a perfectly edited collection of cutting-edge, wearable footwear with fine attention to detail.

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