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Белый лонгслив с V-образной горловиной - Белый Replay 8886821

1 384 руб.
3 461 руб.
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T-shirt by Replay, Мягкий трикотаж, V-образный вырез, Декоративные пуговицы, Классический крой, точное соответствие размеру, Машинная стирка, 100% хлопок, Размер на модели: Medium, рост модели: 181 см. О БРЕНДЕ REPLAY On seeing the word 're-play' flash up on screen during the 1978 Argentinian World Cup, Italian founder Claudio Buziol decided it would make the perfect name for a clothing line. Alluding to the world of vintage by reinterpreting clothing from the past in a contemporary way, Replay creates a line of hand crafted denim jeans, t-shirts, shirts, jackets and sweats all in Replay's signature style.

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